DinkaTwic [Twi/Tuic] East Tribe of South Sudan

Dinka Twic (Monyjang/Jieng/Twi/Twic) East is one of the Dinka tribes [Upper Nile Dinka/Eastern Dinka/Southeastern Dinka] located in Jonglei State (formerly known as Upper Nile region before Sudan separated into two Nations of South Sudan and Sudan on July 9, 2011) of the Republic of South Sudan. The cradle of Twic East Community is from Twic East County, Twic East County is bordering Bor County to the South, Pibor County in East, Uror County North-East, Duk County in North, and Toc (White Nile/River Nile) in West side. Twic East county headquarters are located at Panyangor. Historically, the Twic Dinka people are well-known for their common characters that are including some following: calm, kind, honesty, perfect wisdom, perfect compassion, hospitality, leadership, intelligent and so forth.

Like this reporter quote from Jonglei’s Twic East tribe “clever boy” “reunites with parents.” By Philip Thon Aleu July 7, 2009.

I know this phrase and I quote “these people are naturally intelligent, gifted leaders and it always showing by their calm, tolerant behaviors, honesty, more democracy attitudes than look over violent behaviors, non-greedy and unselfish, etc” is going to be politically misunderstood by some people, but in reality; that quote is actually describing the person who has blood kinship in Twic/Twi Dinka’s gene. Fangak and Eastern Jikany, the majority of people who made up these areas are having roots from Dinka Twi Dinka East tribe. They migrated there during the major flood in Dinka Tuic East’s land over many decades ago. People are still now remembering that flood, and they call it Run de paweer.” Twic Dinka was a big tribe before that disaster occurred in their own land. Even now, people are still tracks their roots in places like Aborom in Nuer’s land, Fangak and Jikany East plus other sub-tribes of Nuer lou and Gaweer.

Twic Dinka (Monyjang twi) people are naturally gifted people when it comes to democracy way of leadership. Why I say so? Because they always don’t accept anything or takes action before they have a legitimate reason for them to do so. For example, whenever there is a conflict, they often have a humble sense of the analysis or reasoning of the issue before a person has to takes the action. And their actions always should have been based on truth whenever the time of diplomatic takeover the conflict. Also, Twic Dinka people are often fears most in defeat at the time of diplomatic solutions over an aggression successes based on untrue reason.

Dinka Twi East tribe is comprises of 16 clans (Wuɔ̈t), and here they are in alphabetical order:

                                                   Figure source: National Democracy Institue

                                                                                 for International Affairs


(a)  Abek Clan (Wut)

(b)   Abiong Clan (Wut)

(c)    Adiang Clan (Wut)

(d)   Adhiok Clan (Wut)                                                                 

(e)   Akonycok Clan (Wut)

(f)     Anok Clan (Wut)

(g)   Awulian Clan (Wut)

(h)   Ayolien Clan (Wut)

(i)     Ayual Clan (Wut)

(j)     Bereh Clan (Wut)

(k)    Cir Clan (Wut)

(l)     Dacuek Clan (Wut)

(m) Hol Clan (Wut)

(n)   Kongor Clan (Wut)

(o)   Kuach Clan (Wut)

(p)   Nyapiny Clan (Wut)

So the above namely Clans (Wuɔ̈t) are the one that make  ups the Dinka Tuic East tribe of the East Nile Valley, in which sometimes I call it as “the blessing Dinka Twic East of the Nile Valley.

Dinka or Monyjang Twi is currently divided into three sections, such as:

(a)   Lith: Which consists of six Clans [Wuɔ̈t]:

(i) Abek (ii) Adhiok (iii) Kongor (iv) Ayual (v) Dacuek (vi) Awulian.

(b)   Ajuong: Which consists of five Clans [Wuɔ̈t]:

(i) Abiong (ii) Adiang (iii) Ayolien (iv) Kuach (v) Nyapiny

(c)    Pakeer: Which consists of five Clans [Wuɔ̈t]:

(i) Bereh (ii) Akonycok (iii) Anok (iv) Cir (v) Hol:

As of today era, the Dinka Twic East has five Payams (Districts), as they are:

(1)  Lith Payam………..  [Abek & Adhiok Clans [Wuɔ̈t]]

(2)  Kongor Payam….. [Kongor Clan [Wut]]

(3)  Nyuak Payam……  [Ayual, Dacuek & Awulian Clans [Wuɔ̈t]]

(4)  Ajuong Payam….  [Abiong, Adiang, Ayolien, Kuach & Nyapiny Clans [Wuɔ̈t]]

(5)  Pakeer Payam….  [Akonycok, Anok, Bereh, Cir & Hol Clans [Wuɔ̈t]]

County: Twic East—-Headquarter: Panyagor—-State: Jonglei—- Country: South Sudan.

Dinka Twic East tribe

Payams [Divisions] and their Headquarters:

(a)   Lith Payam [Abek & Adhiok Clans]……………………………………………………….Wernyol

(b)   Kongor Payam [Kongor Clan] ……………………………………………………………….Pawel

(c)    Nyuak Payam [Ayuaal, Dacuek & Awulian Clans]……………………………………Wangulei

(d)   Ajuong Payam [Abiong, Ayolien, Kuach, Nyapiny & Adiang Clans]………….Paliau

(e)   Pakeer Payam [Anok, Bereh, Akonycok, Cir & Hol Clans]…………………………Maar.

As a result of Sudan Civil War, from 1983 to 2005, the Dinka Twi East has lost large percentages of its population. And you may know why? First, it was due to late Dr. John Garang de Mabior background reason, if you know what I mean about that; Garang himself was from Dinka or Monyjang Twic East tribe. Second reason was the incident of Nov.15, 1991 under Dr. Riek Machar Teny and Dr. Lam Akol interventions of Dinka Twi East land purposely to undermine or to overthrown Dr. John Garang as the head of the SPLM/A leadership during the civil war times. In which I call it personally as “Dinka Twic East Massacre” or in other term in fair way of inclusions of other Dinka tribes in the region who were touched by the invasions, it is calls “Southeastern/Eastern/Upper Nile Dinka massacre.” Who made up “Southeastern/Eastern Dinka” in that region? Well, the region is that made up of Dinka Twic (Twi) East, Dinka Bor, Dinka Paweny, Dinka Dongjol, Duk Dinka (Nyarweng, Hol) and many more. However, personally I do believe that the invasion of Dr. Riek Machar and Dr. Lam Akol “SPLA Nasir section” was to destroyed particularly the Dinka Twic East. As most people do say, Dr. Riek soldiers were often questioning local people of the Dinka Twi East tribe of Dr. John Garang. This is the question: “where is Dr. John Garang’s mother?” Even though Dr. John Garang’s mother did decease since he was still young at the age ten (10) years old. By the way it was not a big deal then though that Dr. Riek Machar and Dr. Lam Akol soldiers didn’t get Dr. John Garang really mother, instead Dr. Riek and Dr. Lam Akol soldiers did kill other Dinka or Monyjang Tuic East people’s mothers and fathers plus other tribes in the region mothers and fathers.

When civil war began in 1983 and ended in 2005 through Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) between Northern Sudan and Southern Sudan, most of the Twic Dinka East demography had already lost its much of the population. And I don’t think if there would be any tribe I could think off in Dinka or any other tribes in South Sudan that have lost most of the elders, young adult and even children than this tribe of Twic Dinka. You could argue in any way you want, but the true is there.

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